HEDGE stands for Human Rights Education, Global Effectiveness. It is an easy-to-use Training Handbook for anyone working with young refugees and asylum seekers to empower self-advocacy in 17-to-25-year-olds.

Designed to be used in multiple settings, the handbook is broken into two accessible parts, allowing young people to learn about Human Rights in an inclusive, non-threatening environment.


The I-SAVE Stories are a series of videos which are based on real life experiences. They were formed using interviews conducted with young refugees and migrants and were then shaped into videos filmed with professional actors.

The I-SAVE stories show the lived reality of young refugees and asylum seekers and spotlight how young refugees and migrants’ human rights have been violated in multiple ways. These stories raise awareness of human rights violations that can occur in transit or in temporary accommodation so that other young refugees and migrants can advocate for themselves.


Do you want to be a young leader for change?

The I-Save Masterclasses have been created by young refugees for young refugees. Sharing their stories and experiences, these videos are designed to showcase how young leaders can make a difference. Inspiring others to become a leader for change on global issues locally and advocate for not only themselves but also for their communities. 

Armed with the same advocacy skills, young leaders will be able to increase their visibility and self representation skills to help them on their journey to be a leader for change.

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