Kickstarter Workshop 2


Note for Facilitator:

Keep aim and required connection in mind as you progress through the section.

Aim: To link individual responsibilities and attributes to advocacy.

Required Connection: Participants will recognise the interdependency and connectedness of all human beings and all Human Rights.


'i am thetree'

Participants form a large standing circle.

They are going to look at the basic system of the tree.


As a group, participants call out the parts of a full tree: branch, twig, roots etc.

Part 1 - Physicalizing the parts

Ask a volunteer to jump into the middle of the circle loudly saying: I AM THE TREE! whilst also becoming a frozen image of the tree. Facilitator can demonstrate this first.

Tell the group that, in turns, they can jump into the centre and add to the image of the tree by adding the parts to it - ideally they will say things like I AM THE ROOTS / BRANCH / LEAF / ETC. OF / IN THE TREE!

They will do a freeze of their image too, attaching themselves to the original tree freeze.

NB. Encourage participants to finish the sentence with “….of / in the tree”

This keeps it about the tree itself and not things beside / away from the tree.



Name the things that help the tree to survive. It needs the roots, water, sun etc. It
cannot radiate life to others (Oxygen) without being sustained itself.

Part 2 - Physicalize the requirements

As above, ask a volunteer to jump into the middle of the circle loudly saying: I AM THE TREE!

Other participants will now add the requirements of the tree saying: I AM THE SUN RADIATING TO THE TREE! / I AM THE WATER NOURISHING THE TREE! / I AM THE CO2 FOR THE TREE! etc.

The completed tree now shows its basic needs. Without the roots, soil, water, CO2, etc., the branches will not grow, will not be able to grow leaves to shelter the tree’s birds and animals or provide oxygen for humans.


Name the benefits of the thriving tree. What does it offer? e.g. shelter, oxygen, home for animals.

Part 3 – Physicalize the benefits

As above, ask a volunteer to jump into the middle of the circle loudly saying: I AM THE TREE!

The other participants will now add and physicalise the benefits of the tree: I AM THE SHELTER OF THE TREE! / I AM THE O2 OF THE TREE! etc.



Relate all of the tree symbolism above to Human Rights - in nurturing our own needs, we can share with others. Also, briefly relate back to Roshan: Were her needs being met? Was / Is she able to thrive?

Now direct attention to the group themselves. Acknowledge that everyone has their own unique qualities and skills. They want to flourish as a group and be of benefit to others. Ask the participants to think about what they can bring to the group going forward.

Part 4 - Physicalize the Group's Qualities

Celebrating the above, adapt the tree’s system above to the participants and their individual qualities/strengths which contribute to the group as a whole: I AM THE [Quality: fun, kindness, creativity etc] OF THE GROUP! with participants physicalizing the quality and all making a group shape.


As a group, reflect on all the connections made in the Workshop, what was learned
and explored.

Participants perform the Communal Greeting from Workshop 1 to say goodbye.

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