Kickstarter Workshop 3


Note for Facilitator:

Keep aim and required connection in mind as you progress through the section.

Aim: Participants will identify personal values, strengths and supports.

Required Connection: Participants will reflect on personal attributes and responsibilities to others as well as identifying their own needs and supports.



Tell the participants they are going to draw a tree. The tree must be composed of roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruits and flowers.

The participants will label each part and add information as prompted by the facilitator. First they will draw the roots and write in information, then the trunk and so on:

  • Roots: the person’s origins - home country/town/culture/etc.
  • Trunk: the fundamental skills and
    values of each person.
  • Leaves: the people who have a positive role in your life - family, friends, mentors etc.
  • Flowers and Seeds: the legacy you
    would like to pass on to the others -
    values such as strength, wisdom, etc.

Participants will now have a more in-depth idea of their life and their support systems.

Ask participants to write a personal statement declaration to be written on their tree.

Connection: Participants have honoured themselves, recognised how to get their needs met and considered how to advocate on behalf of others.

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