Kickstarter Workshop 3


Note for Facilitator

Keep aim and required connection in mind as you progress through the section.

Aim: To explore, create and facilitate human rights dialogue in a creative way.

Required Connection: Participants will explore how basic needs are essential.
The wants are complimentary to survival. Having both can help us thrive and flourish as humans.

Facilitate a discussion connecting the learning from previous workshops incorporating the boxed information on the next page. The participants will need to keep this in mind as they navigate the following exercises.



the island

t h e f i v e p i l l a r p r o c e s s

underpin Human Rights' protection
Fairness - towards all human beings
Respect – for others
Equality – among all people
Dignity – to be preserved at all times
Freedom – for all people


Areas of life that they protect
Cultural Rights
NOTE: – Make reference to Workshop 2

Create 2-3 groups.

Tell the participants they have become stranded on a desert island after a storm.

They have all the food, shelter and water that they need. Indicate that their Economic Rights are being met and therefore protected - as per box above.

Each group is living on a different part of the island. They are not aware of the others’ existence yet. They realise that they may be on the island for a while so they need a plan to co-exist.

Tell the groups to create 5 rules together to live on the island to help them flourish.

Ask the individual groups to present their list to the others.

Ask the groups: Which were the easiest to decide? The most difficult? Are they all equal? Are they interconnected? Did you order them? Are they all equal?

Read Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The UDHR remind people of how statements of rights can set down the values to which a society aspire.

Combining groups
Tell the separate groups they are not the only people on the island.

All groups must come together on the island, to make one group and they must now create a general charter of co-existence.

Before they come together as a group ask them to revisit their ‘Tree of Life’ drawing and their personal statements: what personal values, strengths and character traits can they bring to the negotiation process? – they’re acknowledging their personal responsibility and reaffirming their capabilities and skills. They are personalising Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Recap in the larger group how important these personal, societal and greater core principles are and that they ensure the dignity and respect for every human being.

Connection: Personal Values + Societal Values + 5 Pillars = Dignity and Equality for all.

The group list 15-20 rules for the charter. Use the flipchart.

On completion of the task the group must colour code the new Island Charter into the FIVE PILLARS – Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural, using the same colours on Pg 47


Identify the difference between needs and wants. Discuss what are the needs and what are the wants of the the list created above.

Are the colours / the FIVE PILLARS represented?

Connection: Participants will see that the needs are essential. The wants are complimentary to survival. Having both can help us thrive and flourish as humans.

Who does the new charter protect? Us.
Who is us? Old / Young, more vulnerable, etc.
How does it protect us? Through protecting the civil, political, economic, social and cultural aspects of society and life.

Tell the participants this is the foundation for their new society.

Did re-visiting your personal statement affect the outcome? Does this show how our attitude can affect the outcome?



Participants will:

  • Declare the name of "The Island"
  • Show the Flag they (may) have created
  • Have a first reading of the new charter/proclamation
  • Add the new charter to their banner
  • Celebrate with their Communal Greeting as per previous workshops


As a group, reflect on all the connections made in the Kickstarter Workshop, what was learned and explored.

Ask: What’s next? The Start-up Workshops!

Tell the group they will be going further with their Human Rights knowledge and advocacy skills.

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