Kickstarter Workshop 3



Participants will explore values and strengths both personal
and societal for a community to thrive and flourish
Participants will explore options in a global community and
a personal sphere
Participants will explore the next steps after the kickstarter


Materials and Preparation needed:
30 Human Rights Symbols, Article labels and descriptions
(See Appendix)
Lists of HR for various groups (See Appendix)
Sheets of paper
Paints, glue, pens, pencils, markers, crayons
Article 31 and banner from Workshop 1



Welcome the group and have a quick re-cap of what happened in Workshop 1 & 2.

The Facilitator can use any of the icebreaker exercises used in the previous workshops.


anyone who...

Aim: To repeat this exercise from Workshop 1 with a purpose ie. to link the exercise to human rights and their activation

Required Connection: To demonstrate how individual and societal values underpin Human Rights

Participants sit down in a circle.

Facilitator is the Caller and stands in the middle.

The Caller yells out something like: "Anyone who had coffee this morning!" or "Anyone who is wearing blue!" - the statement will be true to the Caller, i.e. they are wearing blue.

All players described by the Caller must jump up and each of them must swap places with another player who matches the description.

If there is only one, that player jumps up and yells, "That's me", then sits down again.

The Caller does this a few times with different suggestions and then on the third call, also tries to take a chair, leaving a participant without a chair.

The person who is left standing then becomes the new Caller.

During the game, no-one is allowed to sit in the same chair they were just occupying.

Also, no-one is allowed to push anyone to get to a chair or push anyone out of a chair, or to steal it out from under anyone.


Acknowledge we all have commonalities and differences but we all must use the 5 core principles that underpin Human Rights to play a fair game:

  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Dignity
  • Freedom

Connection: Individual and societal values underpin Human Rights.



taking a stance

Aim: To acknowledge and respect commonalities and differences while advocating for self and others.

Required Connection: Participants will take a stance on their preferences, uniting in what they believe.

Tell the group you are going to call out 2 words/phrases.
Depending on their preference, they must join with others who are chanting the same preference as them e.g. there may be a group chanting “Tea! Tea! Tea!” while another is chanting “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!”

Each group wants to be strong and unified in their stance and be heard. Encourage the groups to add gestures to their chant.

Note: This exercise can also be done quietly with participants moving around and asking each other in a whisper, then joining together as a group and when asked, stating their stance.


  • Tea/Coffee
  • Cats/Dogs
  • Pizza/Chips
  • TikTok/Snapchat

Participants can also make suggestions.

Sometimes a person may be on their own i.e. 1 person is chanting for cats and everyone else for dogs. How do we help the quiet voice of the group be heard too?

Sometimes participants may be undecided and unable to pick one favourite over another.

Give participants WAR VS PEACE as the final choice – hopefully all will be united in shouting PEACE! PEACE! PEACE!! or standing as a united group quietly: a peaceful protest.


Question: How do we relate the above to Human rights?

Connection: participants have demonstrated unity and have stood up for what they believe.

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