Start Up Introduction – I-SAVE
Introduction to the HEDGE Programme and The Start-Up Workshops


the hedge programme

The HEDGE Programme (Human Rights Education for Global Effectiveness) has been developed for young refugees and migrants to help develop their skills and knowledge about self-advocacy and to gain a deeper knowledge of Human Rights. The workshops are designed to be used in both informal and formal settings and combine innovative, creative approaches to involve, inspire and empower future young leaders.

The HEDGE Programme has been divided into 2 series of workshops:

  • The Kickstarter Workshops - see other handbook
  • The Start-Up Workshops

what arethestart-up Workshops?

The Start-Up Workshops are designed to be delivered after participants have taken part in the Kickstarter Workshops.

These follow-up workshops utilise creative techniques to encourage and promote selfadvocacy.

"Identifying human rights in every day context"

The aims of the Start-Up Workshops are to enable participants:

  • To put Human Rights into practice
  • To build a common language around Human Rights
  • To make links to universal experiences
  • To promote advocacy

With the objectives:

  • To understand the relationship between responsibility and accountability on a global and personal level
  • To develop leadership and communication skills
  • To advocate for oneself and for others
  • To investigate case studies
  • To identify hopes and limitations
  • To embrace a call to action

note for facilitators

Please document any words, phrases, statements or observations made by you or the participants during the workshops. The information collected will help the training be more bespoke and specific to the groups' needs. It will create community, momentum and group ownership of the learning experience. Using a flip chart to catalogue these observations is advisable.

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